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Speed Trap App

I would like to give a big shout out to the dude who flashed his lights at me last night to warn me of a cop sitting up ahead. Big ups to you my friend, big ups. Even though I wasn’t speeding I thought it was very considerate for a fellow human being, a perfect stranger, someone who I would most likely never meet or ever see again, would be so kind as to warn me of a potential run in with Johnny Law.

That gesture is unfortunately one that always seems to go unrewarded. I can’t imagine a scenario where it would NOT be considered extremely wierd to U turn and chase a guy down just to say thank you. That would be a bit bizarre. So, the only way to reward that consideration is to pay it forward. Which is something I have always done, until recently. I have heard that flashing your lights at oncoming vehicles to warn them of speed traps is now illegal. Holy crap! Now what do I do? The one gesture that is purely unselfish and where the gestureer (if you will. No? Whatever!) never receives the accolades and appreciation for, are now being taken away from us.

Now we are forced to make a moral decision. Do we pay it forward as it has been paid to us and risk a ticket? Or, do we turn a blind eye for the sake of self preservation? Maybe we don’t have to do either. Maybe we can come up with another way to warn drivers without risk of retribution. Let’s see, honking the horn three times? What if the other driver is jamming to Travie McCoy? “I want to be a billionaire, so freaking bad”. (My theme song). He won’t hear our warning. That won’t work. How about swerving slightly into their lane? Eh, that would just scare the crap out of the other driver, funny as hell but not effective for this cause. I think I got it! How about an app for your smart phone? They have apps for everything else in the world. Why not one that warns you of police radar devices in your area? Simple concept, the phone picks up the radar within a 10 mile radius then sends it your phone which then beeps a warning.

There you have it my friends. A way we can all beat the system without the risk of traffic court. Genius if you ask me. Of course, this app may have already been developed. If so, will someone please pay it forward to me? If it hasn’t been developed yet, I think I found a way I can be on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

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