80 episodes

A sketch comedy series about Kevin and his daily interactions with Casanova Craig, Brian the Brooder and Gary the Guido. 

Episode 1

Kevin just wanted to know if they guys wanted coffee. 

Episode 2

Kevin just wanted the guys to act right for his date.

Episode 3

Kevin just wanted one of the guys to be on candy duty.

Episode 4

Kevin wanted to pay the electric bill but Craig brags why he should lick the stamp. 

Episode 5

Kevin just needed ideas for a vanity license plate. Not sure these ideas will work. 

Episode 6

Kevin wanted to play tennis but Gary has a a problem with the terminology.

Episode 7

Kevin wanted to throw a holiday party but maybe asking for suggestions wasn’t wise.

Episode 8

Kevin just wanted one of the guys to pick up firewood with him

Episode 9

Kevin just wanted to trim up his beard but the guys couldn’t resist roasting him.

Episode 10

Kevin just wanted to practice his singing lessons.

Episode 11

Kevin just wanted help remembering the login password.

Episode 12

Kevin just wanted to learn about Gary’s horrific accent.

Episode 13

Kevin just wanted to use the restroom in peace.

Episode 14

Kevin just wanted to know if Craig used his credit card for strippers.

Episode 15

Kevin’s video performances gets misconstrued for something else. 

Episode 16

Kevin just wants to build a fanbase who appreciates his work

Episode 17

Kevin just wanted to order a pizza but Gary was not happy about his suggestion.

Episode 18

Kevin is TAKEN ABACK by Brian’s demeanor over daylight savings.

Episode 19

Kevin just wanted to know if Craig soiled his bathroom

Episode 20

Kevin gets busted by Craig practicing his dance moves. 

Episode 21

Kevin just wants to live in peace but Brian has different plans.

Episode 22

Kevin just wanted Brian to not end it all and what better way than a donut?

Episode 23

Kevin just needs some rest to nurse his hangover.

Episode 24

Kevin just wanted to help Craig out with his evening’s festivities.

Episode 25

Kevin just thought for a second he might be able to help Gary.

Episode 26

Kevin doesn’t seem to realize just how horrible his singing sounds. 

Episode 27

Kevin just wanted to see if the guys knew anything about crypto currency.

Episode 28

Kevin can not believe the conversation he is hearing.

Episode 29

Kevin tries to make an announcement about his new podcast – 7 with Kevin.

Episode 30

Kevin thought his magic trick was pretty good but Brian had something better.

Episode 31

Kevin just wanted the guys to help him punch up a joke he was working on.

Episode 32

Kevin learns Gary has a problem with the woman he’s in a casual relationship with.

Episode 33

Kevin just wants to enact revenge on Brian for scaring the crap out of him.

Episode 34

Kevin thought Craig would celebrate Thanksgiving like a normal person.

Episode 35

Kevin can’t believe how many times he has to correct Gary’s use of the wrong words.

Episode 36

Kevin just thought it would be nice to have a Turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Episode 37

Kevin just wanted to go to Denny’s for Thanksgiving.

Episode 38

Kevin is just trying to work out to stay ahead of the holidays feasting.

Episode 39

Did Gary leave spaghetti on the counter again? Find out. 

Episode 40

Kevin isn’t happy about the note his neighbor left on his door. 

Episode 41

Brian has his own way of dealing with his depression.

Episode 42

Brian doesn’t like the phrase ‘Joy to the World’. 

Episode 43

Kevin is just looking for his package. He doesn’t need what Craig thinks he needs.

Episode 44

Kevin did not mean to send his Spotify Wrapped Playlist to the guys. 

Episode 45

Gary cannot believe what he’s hearing about the new way to get a colonoscopy.

Episode 46

Kevin is about to celebrate a Birthday in two days but where did Brian send him?

Episode 47

Kevin seems to believe teleporting will probably hurt his spleen.

Episode 48

Kevin is late for his show but it doesn’t matter. He bombs anyways. 

Episode 49

Kevin brings Phelps to the groomer and is shocked Gary didn’t even know about him.

Episode 50

Kevin is shocked by the destruction of the Target’s Christmas decoration section.

Episode 51

Kevin found a strange woman in his bed and wants answers from the guys. 

Episode 52

Gary decides to help out a fan with a certain holiday situation. 

Episode 53

Brian wants to know what Kevin thinks is so funny!

Episode 54

Casanova Craig gives a fan relationship advice Kevin thinks in inappropriate.  

Episode 55

Kevin struggles with how tough the entertainment business can be. 

Episode 56

Craig has his own unique way of getting to know the neighbors. 

Episode 57

Kevin should mind his own business before Brian puts a hex on him.  Ooops!

Episode 58

Gary tells Craig the story about being abducted by a UFO.

Episode 59

Gary can’t believe what he sees Brian doing. 

Episode 60

Kevin wants the guys to help him clean up the condo. 

Episode 61

Gary the Guido who is Italian pronounces herb funny. 

Episode 62

Brian prefers his toilet paper to be installed a certain way. 

Episode 63

Craig thoroughly misinterprets Kevin’s request about oil. 

Episode 64

The guys talk about women and their toys and Kevin is appalled.  

Episode 65

Kevin and the guys wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas. 

Episode 66

Brian finds a new friend and it freaks Kevin and the guys out. 

Episode 67

Kevin consoles Gary from his holiday heartache but it’s not what Kevin thinks.

Episode 68

Kevin just wanted to go Christmas caroling but the guys aren’t interested. 

Episode 69

Kevin complains about his Christmas gifts but forgot one of them was from Brian. 

Episode 70

Kevin hears the guys pitch for a title for this series. 

Episode 71

Kevin is shocked by the amount of adult toys Craig is buying just for the weekend.

Episode 72

Gary tells Kevin of his New Years Resolution.

Episode 73

Kevin wants to party for New Years but Brian just wants to roast him. 

Episode 74

Kevin wants Craig’s girlfriend to put clothes on…but does he really? 

Episode 75

Brian teleports Gary but unfortunately Gary is holding something of Kevin’s

Episode 76

Relationship advice from Casanova himself. 

Episode 77

Kevin learns that Gary has been threatening the neighbors. 

Episode 78

Kevin just needs a ride to the airport nd the guys avoid the request.  

Episode 79

Gary thinks his neighbor hates him because she is an Italianist. 

Episode 80

Series Finale – Kevin discovers a harsh truth