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Off The Cuff

A spontaneous podcast recorded in front of the world famous Comedy Store, on top of Runyon Canyon or in Kevin's kitchen. You never know where, you never know who and you never know what they're going to talk about until you tune in.

Episode 12 - 1/25/19

3 Friends with 3 different perspectives discuss relationships.

Episode 11 - 1/18/19

I find myself between two talented beauties in this podcast

Episode 10 – 1/16/19

A continuation of our conversation as we blend into other interesting topics about starting a podcast and how entertainers can virtually build a fanbase with just your cell phone and what and how comedians use to find that big payoff laugh with act outs.

Episode 9 – 1/16/19

Darren Carter talks about how the idea of him turning 50 blows his mind. ¬†Chris Mata tells us how he almost got picked off by the North Koreans. Dean Larit has endless celebrity encounters and we find out just how many degrees he’s separated from Kevin Bacon. We all chime in on ex girlfriends.¬†

Episode 8 – 1/16/19

I catch up with funny man LA Hardy as he is whisked away after his set then I head back into Flappers in search of more conversation.

Episode 7 – 1/9/19

In true Off The Cast fashion at the Hollywood Improv. I press record and we’re off and running with some very interesting conversations.

Episode 6 – 1/2/18

Comedians Darren Carter, Dean Larit, Allan Cunningham, Nicole Magdali and myself talk about the PC crowd and its effect on comedy, misophonia and lucky charms.

Episode 5 – 12/28/18

Comedian Chris Mata and I talk comedy, sex and failed relationships on the patio at the HaHa Comedy Club.

Episode 4 – 12/24/18

Comedians Percy Rustjomi, Omrah Menkes myself, Nicole Majdalli and Percy’s sister Dianna enjoy a short conversation after a fun comedy show in Santa Monica at the Westside Comedy Theatre.

Episode 3 – 8/15/18

Comedians at Flappers Comedy Club hanging out and talking about comedy, fighting and whatever else comes up.

Episode 2 – 7/13/18

Kevin interviews comedian Chris Cope fresh off his appearance on The Conan O’Brien Show!

Episode 1 – 7/11/18

The birth of Kevin’s podcast. Lightning in a bottle struck when some of the top comedians in LA joined in.