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Falling Down a Flight of Stairs

I hope I never experience the terror of falling down a flight of stairs. It seems like it would be a very painful event and from all the movies I’ve seen of people falling down a flight of stairs, it usually ends in their demise. Not something I’d wish on anyone. Well, actually, there are a couple people I’d like to see take that tumultuous tumble but for the rest of us, I hope it never happens.

To any of you who have fallen down a flight of stairs, I mean you no disrespect but it seems to me that falling ALL THE WAY DOWN a flight of stairs, CONSCIOUSLY or SOBER, would be rather difficult to do. First off, if you fall ALL THE WAY DOWN a flight of stairs rolling forward non stop then that must mean that while you were at the top of the stairs, for some reason you decided to tuck and roll. A technique usually reserved for a flatter surface or diving into a pool but not heading face first down a flight of stairs. I’ve never attended an “avoid falling down a flight of stairs seminar” but if I did, I doubt one of the techniques would be to tuck and roll.

Now let’s just say for the sake of argument your first contact with the stairs is somehow a tucked approach. As your body makes a full rotation and brings your feet back around to the stairs, don’t you think at that point you could un-tuck and sprawl out? Hell, if you are really paying attention, when your feet make their way back to the stairs, I think you could almost stand up and continue you your descent…walking.

Personally I think sliding down the stairs would be less painful than rolling down the stairs. That’s just me. If you were to fall forward down a flight of stairs without tucking and rolling then you would just land face first on the stairs in front of you, painful yes but with your body stretched out, this to me seems like it would dramatically decrease your forward momentum. And with this lack of trajectory, I would think you would be traveling at a slower pace, slow enough where you could reach out your hands and grab hold of a railing or even one of the stairs to slow you down to a complete stop.

Now, I have never experimented with this theory nor do I have any plans to do so. I am going solely on my logical thinking process which has sometimes failed me in the past but it’s all I have to go on right now. So if you or someone you know finds themselves in the unfortunate position of a forward descent down a flight of stairs. I hope my insights are 1-accurate and 2-helpful. If not, well then, I’m sorry and maybe you should use the elevator.

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